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Simon Lambert has always been fascinated by digital graphics and experimented with them for many years. He has developed some of the most modern techniques for their production, and uses these as a tool for illustration and communication in Lambert & Associates' consultancy.

Some examples are shown below. A summary of many uses is given in this short article.

3D virtual reality site models.

Computer modelling display

Above, a reception area was surveyed and modelled so that camera views could simulated for consideration my a non-technical client.

Complete Site Model

Above, the architect's drawings were used to create a full site model for planning camera positions and creating 'virtual' camera scenes.

Computer generated visualizations.

Console visualization

Left, a hand-drawn sketch by the furniture manufacturer was used to create a photo-realistic model to show their client before building.


Virtual camera view




Right, camera range and height was modelled and rendered with limited pixels to simulate a proposed design to understand its limitations.


CCTV monitor portrait    Real images illustrating:

  - people

  - equipment

  - concepts

  - etc.


Consec conference



Conference photography has been commissioned by organizers and published in several industry periodicals.


SGI conference panorama
If you have applications for our digital imaging capabilities, please contact us to discuss.

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